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On this page you will find a number of sample resumes that illustrate good and bad points. These are actual resumes submitted by candidates - only the identifying information has been removed.

Good Resume 1 - A good example of an easy to read, clear format, full of good information.
Good Resume 2 - Another well-formatted resume.

Sample 1 - This one has several notable flaws - a complete lack of dates; no listing of employers except in the summary; and a very generic layout of the resume.
Sample 2 - This one is very confusing. The listing of employers separate from the listing of positions held makes no sense; no employment dates are given; and the listing of accomplishments is separate from both the listing of employers and positions held. Better organization would instantly improve this resume.
Sample 3 - This resume at least has company names, positions and dates listed together, but the functional format "laundry list" of accomplishments dilutes the resume greatly; we asked for a revised version with responsibilities and accomplishments listed for each position held, but the candidate refused. 20 minutes of work would have resulted in quite a bit of interest.
Sample 4 - Yes, this is an actual resume we received.
Sample 5 - We have included a summary of the "resume rule" violations at the end of the document.

As you can see, it is very important for your resume to convey a sense of purpose, of accomplishment and to allow the reader to make an informed summary of your work record. Otherwise..........

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