Job Search and Placement Assistance
  • Q: I sent in my resume weeks ago and I haven't heard anything. What's up?
    • A: The hiring process is very complex, with many variables - specific experience, education, work record, personality, location, salary, benefits, company climate, setting, and many, many others. If you haven't heard anything from us, don't take that as a lack of effort on our part - if we could get you hired today, we would, since we only make money when someone is hired. You are welcome to keep in touch, but please understand that we are professionals and will continue to do all we can to make connections for you.

  • Q: How does recruiting work?
    • A: In a nutshell, a client company will give us a job order listing the skills and education requirements, job location and usually a basic description of the responsibilities. We do our best to find people who match that profile, make contact between those candidates and the client company, and if all goes well, a candidate is hired and we get paid. We don't receive anything until someone is hired, so you can see it is in our best interests to help everyone who sends us a resume, and it doesn't cost the applicant anything!

  • Q: With most other recruiting agencies, I speak only to one recruiter. Why do you choose a team approach?
    • A: We have found that our team approach is beneficial to both candidates and employers, giving us the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively. It also allows us to cover a broader range of job opportunities since we don't compartmentalize our work.

  • Q: Why do some recruiter/headhunter agencies charge a fee to those who sign up?
    • A: Good question! Our feeling is that you should not have to pay a fee for any recruiting service. We offer resume help, job search tips, and nationwide job searching assistance at no cost to you. Our fees are paid by the hiring company.

  • Q: When you say your fees are paid by the hiring company, does that mean it comes out of my salary?
    • A: Absolutely not! Our fee is usually BASED on a percentage of the hired individual's salary, but it is paid by the company, not by you. It is not deducted from your salary.

  • Q: Are you a contingency or retained firm?
    • A: Yes to both. It depends on which company we are dealing with. It makes no difference to you, the applicant, since the end result is the same - getting a job that makes you happy.

  • Q: Why isn't there more detail on some of your job listings?
    • A: There are a couple of reasons. First, the company may have given us limitations on what we may post. Second, we want to protect the client company's identity for several reasons, not least of which is to make sure we don't encourage people to try to apply to the company directly. This is a business, after all, and part of the reason companies pay us a fee is that we carefully pre-screen candidates. All qualified candidates will be contacted, and details will be discussed at that time.

  • Q: Will you post my resume to any job boards or other public access sites?
    • A: No. We will not post your resume. We will contact other recruiters we may be assisting if they have a job order that matches your qualifications and preferences. At that time, you may be contacted either by our office, or by the recruiting office that originated the job order. You can also specify the manner in which you wish contact to be made.

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