Instances To Seek Employment Law Advice

Whenever we seek employment, under any capacity, the general expectation is that we will be treated fairly, provided with the necessary tools to perform all assigned duties and provided with an enabling environment to succeed. However, this may not always be the case. The complexities of the workplace may result in different conflicts among employees, between the employees and the business or even between the business and other stakeholders. There are situations where you may need to seek employment law advice in order to handle the situation appropriately. But which are these instances?

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Employment contracts

The lack of knowledge on what ought to be included in the employment contract as well as the skills to negotiate viable terms of engagement result in unfair compensation and various other forms of employee exploitation. Seeking advice from an employment solicitor ensures that you not only get favourable terms of engagement but that you also get a competitive compensation package.

Discrimination cases

In the face of discrimination, it is important to understand your rights and the reprieve offered by the law. Discrimination may emanate from fellow employees or from the organisation and may take the form of discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, race or origin, level of skills and experience, financial status, cultural beliefs and so on. Lawyers who specialise in employment law will ensure that you understand what you need to do as well as guide you on the most viable procedure to pursue various options.

unfair dismissal

Employees are protected by law from unjustifiable dismissal from their duties and the law expressly defines situations where the employer is justified to dismiss you: where your continued employment would contravene a statute, where you lack the necessary qualifications to carry out your duties, in the case of redundancy, where gross misconduct was evident or in cases or what is defined as "some other substantial reason". If your dismissal does not fall into the above categories then you are justified to pursue legal or other actions against your employer. An employment solicitor will help you analyse the situation in order to determine whether your situation qualifies for legal action. 

Workplace Safety

Do you feel like your employer is not providing the necessary gear, equipment and training to ensure that you do not put your life in unnecessary danger during work hours? Consulting an employment solicitor will help you put things into perspective. You will also understand the actions that you must take to safely engage your employer in order to avoid jeopardising your position.

Sexual discrimination, unfair promotion practices, disciplinary proceedings, sickness related issues, workplace bullying, settlement agreements and other employment or contract related disputes are also instances where the services of an employment lawyer are necessary. Do not grapple in the dark when  employment law advice could help you handle things from an enlightened point of view.